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Gurpreet is a Phenomenal coach for coaches trying to grow & scale their business !

There's an overabundance of information, methods, and programs out there for us small business owners, and a lot of it conflicts or requires mastery over dozens of skills outside what you initially set out to Do with your business. And like many of us, I was overwhelmed & unsure where to start.

Gurp sits down with you, learns the ins and outs of your business, and tailors an easy-to-follow step-by-step game plan for you, and provides the resources & know-how to get it done. He also is great for checking in with your progress, and 'course-correcting' when needed.

10 out of 10 recommend Gurp if you're looking to grow & scale your small business, and would be happy to answer any questions or share about my experience if you're considering working with him!

What You’ll Get During Your

Free Strategy Call

Gurp will assess your current social media profiles, systems utilized to generate leads & book appointments. Once all these areas are audited, we will come up with a new game plan to optimize your social media, branding, lead generation and optimum selling strategy to get consistent cash flow into your business.

About Gurp Buttar

Gurp has been a Digital Marketer for over 6 years, and is fully certified in Google Ads and Advanced Analytics. His experience ranges from Facebook Ads, E-Commerce, Drop-Shipping, POD, Amazon FBA, selling Digital Products, Funnel Building, Affiliate Marketing & High Ticket Coaching. His expertise is in lead generation, building brand authority and high ticket sales.

Gurp lives by the 5 C's of Online Business. Create Content & Conversations that Convert into Clients. This principle is what he teaches all his clients, and what allows all their businesses to grow!

Why They Recommend Having a

Free Consultation Call

Seth Nowak

Real Estate Investor

Gurpreet Buttar is a powerful spirit and valuable resource to have in your corner. His business expertise is built on a foundation of genuine caring, integrity, character and generosity. Gurpreet helped me navigate online marketing, social media, and advertising analytics and campaigns that otherwise had me stopped in my tracks. He helped me find a path forward.

Jas Janda-Wiseman

Financial Educator

I have had the pleasure of working with Gurp on lead generations through social media. He was patient and professional and helped me put a great system in place. Thank you Gurp!

George Gerstenberg

Retail Consultant

Gurp has given me guidance and insight navigating my social media marketing. I'm grateful for his experience.

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